Engagement & Environment


HEYNER® is also very active in its home region and assumes social responsibility.

The brand integrates into its hometown by supporting the Storkow Singing Club, the financial support allowing all children of the region free of charge usage of the towns library or the participation at the parade of the Storkow town festival, showing the 4 meters long, largest wiper blade in the world

With regards to our social responsibility we started to allow young women and men from the region to experience work life within a trainee period or professional training program..

Other activities of HEYNER® focus on the financial support of the smallest members of our society, the children. Here we focus on sponsoring and donations. HEYNER® for instance sponsors the training suits for a children´s football team of Storkower Sporting Clubs SSC..

Even under severe economic conditions we struggle to maintain and to improve working and salary conditions also for our own colleagues which mainly live in the region – just next to the company.


As a brand owned by a family company HEYNER® feels responsible for the people – today and tomorrow. Therefore environmental awareness plays a big role in our daily business.

We contribute to preserve natural resources and to minimize environmental pollution. During organization of the production and logistics processes we adopt multiple energy efficiency measures. Currently we plan the extension of our photo voltaic installation and energy-saving LED light technology. We use mostly recyclable production and packing material; all transport cartons are reused.

…and in case an HEYNER® -product should be damaged, we will try to repair it first, rather than throwing it away.